Ms Kitty Fantastico (giina) wrote in leavin_eljay,
Ms Kitty Fantastico

Request a JournalFen Account

This post is now closed. Go here for the new request post.

I believe all requests in the post have been filled. If yours has been missed, please let me know.

If you want to request an account:

Copy and paste the following information into a comment to this entry.

Please make sure you fill out all the spaces! Your journal name may only be 15 characters long and you must be 18+ to use JournalFen. Someone will request your account as soon as s/he can and will respond to your comment.

If you are willing to create accounts:

If you have a paid JournalFen account and are willing to fill requests, thanks! You can go here to request account creation. Once that's done, reply to the person you're creating an account for so we know which requests have been filled. (A simple 'requested' will work.)

If you're having any problems with JournalFen loading, try ctrl + F5.

EDIT: We will be screening requests as they are filled to keep things manageable.
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